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Back To School Giveaway

Posted by BK Girls on

Back to School!!!!

What an exciting and yet nervous day for so many kids of all ages!
Not everyone has the privilege of going back to school shopping...
Knowing this we decided to help ease the burden of back to school stress (for kids and parents) by giving back to our local community.
We wanted to bring some excitement to a group of kids that might not get to experience back to school shopping!

So... Val and Allie thought it would be a great idea to gather up a dozen boys and girls and have them come in and dress them head to toe, at no cost to the families!!!
New outfits of their choice; jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, and to top it off back packs, socks, school supplies such as pencils, binders, note books etc!


The kids had such a great time picking out all their new outfits!

This morning would have been so exciting... Getting to show off their new goodies to all their friends



"The joy on each of their faces was priceless, as we got to watch them pick out their favorite styles"  - Val

"The kids were absolutely thrilled, We were very happy to see them so thankful and excited!"  -Allie

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