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  1. Romper/ Jumpsuit- Rompers are absolutely everywhere this season, in a variety of styles. The great thing about this piece is you have the ability to dress it up or down with a belt, heels or flats and jewelry. For those not a huge fan of dresses, the romper is the closest thing to it, while providing comfort and mobility.
  2. High Rise Shorts- The lovely thing about a great pair of high rise shorts is their overall coverage. This season has brought on a larger variety of cropped style shirts, which less face it most of us don’t want to be strutting around with bare tummies, or reaching up to grab something and putting on a show. High rise shorts give you the option of summer styles because you can go for your traditional tee, or switch it up for a shorter cropped top while still keeping everything covered and in place.
  3. Ankle & Cropped Pants- Summer is hot, but not everyone is comfortable in shorts depending on the occasion, however it is far too hot to be strutting around in full length pants, after all it is finally summer. The next best thing is the ankle or cropped pant, with a little less material and the ability to show off every part of your summer shoes, this is a staple.
  4. Sundress- Every girl needs at least one good sundress; they’re easy to throw on in a pinch, while still looking put together. They are also great to use over a swim suit on the beach and keep you cool on a hot summer day.
  5. Sandals- Sandals are an absolute must! They can be worn with any outfit, dressy or casual and keep your feet cool throughout the day.
  6. Basic Tee- Every wardrobe needs a basic tee or tank that will go with any summer bottom you chose. They Pair well with printed skirts, shorts or just your basic denim and you can always count of them to match anything.
  7. Cardigan or Kimono- These layering pieces are an essential addition to your wardrobe. They are easy to carry with you if the weather is too hot to wear, but then you always have that light layer with you for the cool passing breeze.
  8. Cross Body Bag or Clutch- Let’s face it, less is always more in the heat of the summer and no one wants to carry around a heavy purse. Lessen your load with a smaller summer bag that’s easy to carry and only has room for the absolute essentials. Your shoulders will thank you after a long day of shopping!

  9. Sunglasses- Protect your eyes and look stylish doing so! A good pair of shades will also prevent constant squinting, which means fewer wrinkles!


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